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The central nervous system for realtime infrastructure security, safety and business process optimization. Atneva's AI Platform also known as ( AVA - Autonomous Vision Algorithms ) provide an Artificial Intelligence solution that watches events in your premises in real time to understand what is
happening and offers predictive analysis to improve your response times to security and safety related incidents.

We use cameras installed at your business premises, warehouses and homes.
The footage is processed by AVA Deep Learning Engine, either on-premise or in the cloud
AVA AI platform detects incidents, generates timestamps, predictions and alerts to help you improve your business continuity, process optmizations, safety and security.
Data Security

GDPR Compliance, ISO27001 and HIPAA standards are followed including a security assurance program that uses best practices for global data privacy and data protection to help you operate securely within Atneva Cloud, and to make the best use of our security control environment. These security protections and control processes are independently validated by multiple third-party independent assessments.
Designed for Scale

Our cloud instances are powered by Nvidia Tesla V100 GPUs - the world's most powerful GPU as of today coupled with scalable instances that provide GPU-based parallel compute capabilities and are designed for general-purpose GPU compute applications using CUDA and OpenCL. We can seamlessly scale upto thousands of camera feeds per detection type with parallel detections and computing workloads distributed across multiple GPUs while performing other server-side workloads that requires massive parallel floating point processing power.
Customizations Supported

We support request for custom predictions and detections based on customer provided images and videos for specific type of inferencing capabilities within AVA platform that also includes providing you with a flexible API ecosystem that can easily integrate with any existing Enterprise Applications and other line of business applications as and when needed.
Breakthrough Algorithms

Backed by a large pool of in-house machine learning engineers, deep learning specialists and researchers from top Universities of the world we are a thriving innovation hub based out of Bengaluru, India. Atneva Labs is indeed is a research lab in its core foundation with best of minds creating computer vision algorithims everyday that aims to solve some of the most novel and difficult use cases in the field of data science.

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